Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mills

The Mill & Tea Room

The Mill was designed and built by Barry Matson, a master carpenter in our family. On the ground floor we have a continuous belt-press with a hammer mill. An automatic box-dumper tilts 20 bushels of apples at a time into our cleaning station. An elevator belt draws the apples up and over into the hammer mill. After pressing, sweet juice might be processed into hard cider, or it might be destined for the grocery store as sweet apple cider. Fermentation tanks, bottle fillers, filters and other equipment may all be found here.

Adjacent to the Mill, the Tea Room is built in the style of a 'drive shed', or the place where carriages could be stored. Our tea room always serves up delicious apple treats, ice cream, and a wide array of beverages to enjoy. Local products, crafts, and art are also available and on display. Meals available for groups.

The Tearoom is of course available to host special events on any day of the week- contact us for more information in this regard.

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